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Committed to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of students

Kevin Newbry- Superintendent

Kevin has been married to Melody for 29 years and has one child Seth who is 24 years old. He has been part of every aspect of the school from it's inception to future vision through the back building. Kevin has taught from 1st grade through 12th grade focusing mostly on math in the secondary level. Kevin is also the Childrens Pastor at Lighthouse Church which has allowed a very strong relationship between the chuch covering and the school ministry.


Allison Hamilton- Elementary Principal

Allison Hamilton has been with LCS from the very beginning. She has been married to Dave Hamilton since 2005 and has two boys Jordan and Teddy. She was a kindergarten teacher for over 25 years and instrumental in the foundation of the school. Allison has also been the backbone of the elementary music programs and the number one LCS Sports Fan!

Tobie Helman- Secondary Principal

Tobie Helman has been with LCS for the past 13 years as a teacher and 16 years as a coach. She has been married to Dean DeMoor for 9 years has two grown children Erick and  Andrea, and one son Kai in the elementary. Tobie has taught English, Math, and Science mainly at the middle school level. She also has led the Varsity Volleyball program to Four State titles.

Jaime Shetler- Development Director

Jaime Shetler has been with LCS for the past three years and has over 20 years in education. She has two children and is essential to our faculty in coaching, guidance, funding and accreditation.

Daequon Montreal- Athletic Director

Daequon is only in his second year at Lighthouse and is already making a big impact.