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Committed to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of students

College- Where? Scholarships? Cost? Major? What needs to be done (testing, application, health issues & shots?)

Work-: Budget? Live at home/move out? What other costs?

Service or Mission project: Students may have a desire to do missions and if they are unsure of college, this may be a good time to explore mission opportunities. There are several great organizations that give students 1 year mission opportunities that expose them to many types and aspects of mission and service (Cost? How are you going to raise support? What do you need to do this year to be physically and spiritually prepared to serve? )

COLLEGE- Research online and in person. If at all possible, go visit the colleges you are interested in. It is important to visit on a college visiting day so you get maximum information or at least visit while classes are in session. Most of the colleges if you arrange ahead of time, will plan out a detailed agenda for your visit; including a tour, a class visit, housing tour and info, financial advice, a time for questions and answers on your part. Be prepared. What questions do you have? Write them down, it is easy to forget in the excitement of visiting. You should have a minimum of three colleges that you are really interested in attending. Research online all sorts of statistics:

Safety of the campus

Their history in your field of study

Job statistics (are graduates finding job/placements in their field of study)

Tutoring: what advisor/professor help do they provide?

Class size

Cost? Scholarships available? Loan options? Work study options available-


*Don’t rule out a college immediately because of the costs. There are a lot of private schools that offer significant grants and scholarships that MAKE THEM MORE AFFORADABLE THAN YOU THINK!

*PARENTS: If possible, plan a visit where your students can stay on campus (WITHOUT YOU ) so they get a good feel for campus life. 

*Find out the Priority Deadline Date or your college: This is a date usually, early in the Spring (but there are some Fall Priority Deadlines) that are specific for each college. Applying before this date gives you a chance at more financial aid, better housing, and acceptance into fields of study etc, if the college has limited spots available.


*Make the admission counselor assigned to you, your friend. They will provide you with their contact information, so use it. This is their job. If you email them every other day with questions, it’s ok!!!  Colleges/Universities are large and very busy and it’s often hard to know who to contact regarding your question. Your admission counselor will have the answers or direct you to the Department or person who does. Don’t be afraid to leave a message, I’ve found out their hours are usually all over the place and I may not be able to reach them 9-5 but the message system does work.