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We are so excited about the opportunity to richly invest in the lives of our students as they learn more about Christ, His design for their lives, and their purpose. This will be an enriching academic experience, but more importantly, it will be a life legacy opportunity for students to impact the community! Bible will be a core class added to the daily schedule for all students Kindergarten through 12th grade in 2021-22!

Throughout elementary and secondary, we will be implementing an age appropriate comprehensive curriculum to include:

  • Daily Bible instruction,
  • Activities, and
  • Scripture memorization.

In middle school, students will take a deeper dive into the discovery of who Jesus is and principles for Christian living. This full block class will also include study skills for academic proficiency as well as detailed guidance on how to study the Bible.

  • Identifying key words,
  • Marking phrases of significance,
  • Using cross-references, and
  • Studying context to the passage,
  • Students will develop tools for learning more about Who they are, Whose they are, and Why they are.

Students will incorporate technological strategies to demonstrate scripture memorization throughout the course discipline.

Freshmen and Sophomores will continue the curriculum and include group projects focused on the 4 Gospels and the Attributes of God. They will illustrate their learning as a group through written and oral presentations with current day application.

Juniors and Seniors will work on their CANDELLA PROJECT in conjunction with Bible class.  The Candella Project is a two-year experience culminating at graduation where students create a community service idea that involves a business plan and a summary of impact, their Luminous Intensity!

For Juniors, they will focus on continual discovery about God’s purpose for them through the Bible curriculum. They will also work through a nationally recognized entrepreneurial curriculum for Christian schools where each student will start their own business. This is where creativity comes to life!

As a Senior, they will add to their junior experience and implement learned principles into their Candella Project. Students will be given guidelines to use their innovative ideas to impact the community for Christ and serve others. Each will demonstrate his/her luminous intensity through a written summation and an exemplary presentation to the Lighthouse and Twin Falls community. Daily classroom studies will also include an apologetics class that will be instrumental in defending our students' faith as they move on to college or career.

During high school, students will accumulate at least 70 hours of community service.

This development will partner well with our Koinonia student community and our Christian Life plan organized through chapels.  More to come!