Parking/Drop off/Pick up

Drop-off, Pickup and Parking Lot Behavior
The following procedures relate to driving on campus:
▪ There are many students on campus each day. It is imperative for the safety of all students that
everyone observes safe driving practices. The speed limit while on campus is 5 mph.
▪ When dropping off students, please follow the designated drop off and pick up plan.
▪ If an extended time is needed to drop off or pick up your student, please park your car in a
designated parking spot away from the traffic lanes. Lingering in the drop-off line impedes
traffic flow and poses a danger to students.
▪ Parking during school hours will only be allowed in the front parking lot.
▪ Students may park in designated student parking areas only. This is the area immediately west
of the Athletic Complex.
▪ Students may not sit in or use their cars during school hours (including lunch) without prior
approval from school administration.
▪ Please park in the back lot for all athletic events in the gymnasium.