Distance Learning- Student Supply Lists

High School Classes
High School Bible: Bible app or an actual Bible
High School English: Just a computer
High School Science: Only a computer
High School Math: Calculator, Math notebook or graph paper
High School History/Geography: computer/chromebook, internet access, colored pencils/markers,
pen/pencil, journal for notes (either composition book or spiral), A phone - to create videos occasionally
High School Economics: computer/chromebook, internet access, pen/pencil, journal for notes (either
composition book or spiral from Mrs. Jones’ classroom)
High School Spanish: Computer with internet access and a web camera for both Spanish 1 and 2. For
Spanish 2 in our “Nuestro Mundo” Unit you will need a canvas of any size as you will paint to include as
many images of the vocab as you can. You will need: a canvas, acrylic paint, and a brush! Journals as
High School Drama: Script and access to share video/FaceTime
High School Art: sketchbook and drawing pencil kit, oil pastels (all from classroom)
High School Personal Finance: Access to a PC or ChromeBook, Check Classroom for work
HS Psychology: Printed book or Audiobook of “The 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do” by
Amy Morin (There are 3 copies at school that can be checked out.), and your Psychology Journal
HS ASL: An ASL dictionary, computer, and their ASL notebooks.
Middle School Classes
Middle School Bible: Bible, Bible notebooks, and a computer.
Middle School Science: Workbooks and comp books
Middle School Math: 6th and 7th: Access to a PC or ChromeBook, know IXL login info., have math
composition book at home
Middle School History: Computer, Wifi, Discovery Education online textbook, History notebook, access
to Flipgrid and all Google account features.
Middle School Art: Sketchbook and drawing pencil kit (all from classroom)
Middle School Drama: Script and access to share video/FaceTime
Middle School Music:
- Access to google classroom and flipgrid
- Ukuleles (at least 3 students so far need to get their ukuleles from their locker or from my
Middle School English: Only a computer or Chromebook with WiFi