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Why We Are

As servant leaders, we open the doors to meaningful relationships and ministry with others.  Through authentic relationships we experience curiosity, vulnerability, and accountability.  We learn to ask significant questions and be transparent and honest.  In those shared moments, we establish a caring accountability for one another.  As that caring grows, a mutual respect and responsibility evolves.  We start to transition from a “me” mindset to a “we” mindset.  We care about each other, our community, our school, our experience.  As a result of this progression, our performance expectations elevate.  Settling for mediocrity is not acceptable.  We desire to do our best, and encourage that of others, according to God’s design for us.  

As our culture grows through servant leadership, authentic relationships, respect and responsibility, and increased performance expectations...we see 4 C’s unfold:

  • Connection - shared vision
  • Communication - the ability to articulate our identity
  • Collaboration - unity
  • Character - development

Through the natural implementation of these 4 C’s, we become more missionally aligned and have a greater sense of Who We Are, Whose We Are, and Why We Are.

Lighthouse Statement of Purpose


In Today’s world of shifting values, it is imperative that our children be given the best opportunities to develop strong intellectual and moral character. Lighthouse Christian School is a Christ-centered environment. It is our desire to provide the best education and the richest fulfillment of potential for each student. Our purpose and desire is to teach the whole child so that they will develop according to the example of our Lord Jesus Christ and become a godly influence in the world.


The teaching staff at Lighthouse Christian School is highly qualified, walking in a personal relationship with Christ, and thoroughly dedicated to helping each student toward positive spiritual, mental and physical growth.