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Dear LCS Families,

The following information is to help all of you keep up on how your children are doing here at Lighthouse through our online learning management system - JumpRope. Many years ago we would have referred to this as a "grade book," but we are trying very hard to get our students to think less about "grades" and a lot more about what they are learning. Our goal is to challenge our students to be great thinkers and learners so that they are better prepared for a 21st Century workplace that puts a high value on innovation, collaboration, creativity, and communication as opposed to people who can simply re-state facts that have been learned. JumpRope is a program that helps us re-focus our students in this way by communicating what they have learned and what they still need to learn. Our year is divided into two semesters so that students have adequate time to circle back and learn the concepts that they may be struggling with. 

The JumpRope Parent/Student Portal is where you can see your student's level of mastery in each particular learning standard/objective for their classes, upcoming projects/assessments, and any work they are missing. We are also encouraging the students to log in regularly so that they are fully aware of what they know and what they still need to work on. (As we continue to transition into the new year, you may see information from the previous year. That should disappear as soon as all teachers have loaded assignments/assessments for this year.)


To access the portal, click on the link below:


To log into the portal, use the username and password format provided below:

Username: (Usernames are the student's school email in this format -

Password: (Passwords are the student's birthdate in this format - 1/2/2003) *No leading zeroes

Once you have logged into the account you will have the choice to look at upcoming assignments, missing assignments, or courses with scores. The "courses with scores" section will contain your child's scores showing their mastery of the standards/objectives for each class. You can see the full breakdown by standard/objective by clicking on the specific class. "Academic" mastery scores are on the top, and "Habits of Work" mastery scores are on the bottom. Habits of work standards track things like timeliness, work ethic, behavior, and other skills that are so important for our students to possess if they want to be successful after high school. (These scores are not calculated into the overall grade, but are there because they are important for students and parents to see so that there is accountability.)

If you would like to know how your child's mastery level would translate into a more traditional letter grade, simply use the following grade conversion scale:
A: 3.50 - 4.00
B: 2.75 - 3.49
C: 2.0 - 2.74
F: 0 - 1.99

(You may have noticed that the D is missing. This is on purpose. We removed the D as a grade option this last year because students are required to have a C level of mastery to pass a class and we don't want them to float in the D range "just getting by." Our goal is to make sure that ALL of our students are mastering the material and not just getting by!)


***Note: We also use two other programs to help track student progress and classroom work. Ren Web is a program we use to track student information and attendance. You will not need a parent login for Ren Web, but if you would like to be able to log in and see your child's attendance please let me know and I can create one for you. Our teachers also use Google Classroom to communicate assignments and projects to our students. They also use it to turn in the majority of their digitally-based work. Your child can invite you to also get notifications from Google Classroom or you can contact their teacher and make sure you have been invited with the correct email. If your child is not new this year you should be automatically invited to Google Classroom and should not have to do anything. Please let me know if you have questions or login issues with Google.***