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Lighthouse Christian School is in an accreditation year. This will begin the third 6 year accreditation cycle. We are tri-accredited through ACSI, Association of Christian Schools International, Advanced Ed and the State of Idaho.

We require 50 credits for graduation while Idaho Public schools require 46. We require 3 more in Social Studies, 2 more in Math or Science. We are excited by our graduation rate and percentage of college bound students. Here are stats from the last 6 graduating classes:

2018-2019 24 of 25 graduated 2 to military and 21 to college


2017-2018 14 of 14 graduated 10 to college


2016-2017 24 of 24 graduated, 22 to college

2015-2016 26 of 26 graduated, 3 to military and 22 to college

2014-2015 25 of 25 graduated, 1 to military and 20 to college

2013-2014 25 of 25 graduated, 1 to military and 19 to college

LCS Graduates attended/ are attending these Colleges and Universities

Oregon University, College of Southern Idaho, Univ. of Japan, Grand Canyon University, Boise State University, Southern Adventist University, Walla Walla University, Whitworth, College of Western Idaho, YWAM, Belmont, Dixie State, Dordt College, University of Idaho, Grand Canyon University, Abilene Christian University, Northwest Nazarene University, The Citadel, Indiana University, George Fox University, Southern Utah University, Lewis-Clark State College, University of Montana, College of Southern Nevada, Stanford, Boise Bible College, University of Oregon, Arizona Christian, Portland State, Univ. of Idaho, Boise State, Washington state, Iowa State, Idaho State, Oklahoma Univ., Seattle Pacific, Oregon State, Multnomah Univ., Weber State, Utah State, Univ. of Washington, New York Film Academy, College of Idaho, Concordia, Colorado Christian, Walla Walla, Colorado State, Utah, University of Washington, UNLV, Montana State, Azusa Pacific, Hawaii Pacific University, Masters, San Luis Obispo, UC Irvine, Linn-Benton College, University of Minnesota, Northern Arizona, Seattle Central Community College, TCU, University of Chicago, Point Loma, Westmont, Corban, Utah Valley, Pittsburg, UC Santa Barbara, City college of San Francisco, Alabama, National Aviation Academy, Biola, North Idaho, Davidson, Michigan State, Arizona State, Carroll College, Trinity Christian College, University of Anchorage, Michigan.

Most importantly we have been privileged to Disciple these young men and women through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their Biblical Worldview is the basis for leading God’s people in the midst of a hurting world. The Barna Group recently put out a survey stating students graduating from a Christian school are far more likely to attend church, serve others and give. Thank you for partnering with us in our Mission, “Lighthouse Christian School is a discipleship Christian school, committed to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of students. The purpose of the school is to provide a Biblically-integrated instructional program in a disciplined environment that encourages spiritual commitment and academic excellence.