Important Start Date Changes at Lighthouse

Dear Lighthouse Families,
One of the hardest parts of this whole COVID-19 experience is the stress that we know all of the uncertainty it is putting on all of you - our school family. We know how hard it is to plan your lives when so much is unknown and changing. We want this school year to be one that brings peace, hope, and security; but the world around us keeps throwing changes at us that need to be addressed. The most recent issues and changes we are facing are having a very negative impact on us being able to start the year off exactly as planned.

We are currently experiencing the following...
1. We are waiting on our plexiglass orders so that we can make tables safe for students to work at so they don't have to wear masks or shields all day. Due to the demand for plexiglass, our order may not be here by August 19.
2. Other COVID-19 related supplies necessary for day-to-day school operation (soap, hand sanitizers, thermometers, etc.) are also back-ordered and running behind.
3. Due to the high demand for Chromebooks, Chromebook carts, and other computer supplies, most of it is back-ordered and we are not able to get our technology up and running by August 19.
4. Much of our curriculum for this year is running behind because of shipping and personnel issues at the companies we use.
As much as we hate to create even more change during this crazy year, we do not want to start school until we are ready to do it SAFELY AND EFFICIENTLY FIVE DAYS A WEEK, so we are going to have to move our start date for this year. SCHOOL FOR LIGHTHOUSE ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY WILL NOW BE STARTING SEPTEMBER 3.

Please update your calendars to include the following important changes:

August 11th - High School Registration (4:00 -7:00 PM - More info to follow...)
August 12th - High School Registration (11:00 AM - 1:00 PM - More info to follow...)
August 31st - Elementary Orientation in the Main Auditorium (6:00 PM)
August 31st - Middle School and High School Orientation in the Main Auditorium (7:30 PM)  
* Orientation nights will be live, social-distanced events, but they will also be streamed via Facebook. We ask that families limit live attendees to two people per family to keep overall numbers low.*
September 3rd - FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!
September 7th - Labor Day - No School

We want to be able to start the school year off in strength and safety so we can have your amazing kids here five days a week learning and experiencing the love and community that make Lighthouse great! Thank you for your continued partnership, support, and trust as we all navigate so many tough situations and changes.

LCS Elementary and Secondary Administration Teams