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Lighthouse Christian School’s number one aim is to give students a solid foundation, both Biblically and academically, within the education of all the subjects we offer; that they may first know their Savior personally and then be equipped academically for successful careers within the culture they live.

The educational goal at Lighthouse is to deliver relevant instruction in an engaging atmosphere in order to maximize student achievement. This is what is meant by student-formulated, teacher-facilitated, within a Christ-centered environment. Our society currently possesses the most knowledge about the way children learn than it ever has in the past. We know that not all children learn at the same pace or in the same manner, but also that students learn best when engaged within the classroom environment. Lighthouse faculty will work to tend to where students are and help them reach their greatest potential from the moment they enter the classroom.

To teach children in a cookie-cutter fashion of instruction is to guarantee frustration and sometimes to create deficiencies that are hard to overcome. Lighthouse will be offering increased support this year for students who need extra help as well as honors classes for those students who are ready for more of a challenge.

Our current understanding of how students learn provides strong support of classrooms that recognize, honor, and cultivate creativity. This understanding encourages teachers at all levels to differentiate their instruction, allow for times of collaboration for sharing ideas, and encourage critical thinking while students engage in a hands-on approach to learning. Meaningful curriculum is important at Lighthouse and has been chosen based on high interest and high relevance. It should tap into learners’ experiences so that they may engage in their own learning. There must be a connection provided for students to understand and care about the curriculum. Our teachers will undergo professional development training to ensure these important aspects are provided within classroom instruction.

We are looking forward to an incredible academic year at Lighthouse Christian School, believing God will do amazing things in the lives of each student that attends. As we put final preparations in place for the upcoming school year, remember to be in prayer for all our incredible faculty and staff as they seek to fulfill their calling to educate our children.