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LIghthouse Christian Strengthens the Athletic Staff

Elisha Johnson adds strength and integrity to the athletic department. Having served in the Air Force and Law Enforcement, Mr. Johnson offers experience and expertise in the areas of leadership, compliance, communication, and physical fitness. Athletic Director Daequon Montreal stated, “His life and career have modeled community service, so it is a natural fit with the culture of Lighthouse Christian.” With a commitment to train young men and women in the lifestyle of servant leadership, Mr. Johnson will reinforce those expectations as he works with our young men in the area of strength and conditioning.
Mr. Johnson’s service to the community has
  • 88Duals Credits last semester from only 84 High School students
  • 80%Involved in Activities/Sports
  • 12State Championships in 8 years
  • 6Musical/Drama Productions a year
  • 74%Graduated with Honors in 2019
  • 18:1Teacher to Student Ratio
  • 25Years Celebrated at LCS!
  • 51:49Male to Female Gender Ratio Percentage

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